Biely a modrý dym z výfuku

Dym z výfuku

Čierny dym: vadné vstreky, opotrebované čerpadlo alebo zlé časovanie čerpadla

Modrý dym: zanesený vzduchový filter

blue smoke: air filter overfull/dirty. ring/bore wear. valve stem oil seals worn

white smoke: injector pump timing out. valve clearances/valve timing out of adjustment, worn chain,

lots of white smoke/steam: head gasket gone (check oil/water for contamination)

grey smoke: normal (this is burnt fuel)

slight black smoke under load: this is normal

puff of smoke when lifting off: this is normal

grey smoke on tickover with intermittent chuff sound from exhaust: timing too retarded

grey/black smoke on tickover with engine sounding harsh or ‘knocky’: timing too advanced

clear exhaust on tickover with regular puff of grey smoke: skew gear or timing chain worn

pozor na neprimerany modry dym. mohlo by byt tesnenie ventilov

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